Emerald  Vape Pen (1.0 Auto Style)

Vape: Just inhale to vape when battery is on. May need to preheat 1-2 times for thicker e-liquids to start flowing and also utilize the carb by placing your finger on one of the small holes where cartridge is attached. Similar to a carb on tobacco pipes and controls your draw.

5 Taps– On/ Off: Touch the battery tip 5 times for on/ off.

4 Taps– Preheat: Touch the tip four times to start the preheat. The longest preheat time is 28 seconds. You can stop preheat anytime by inhaling or touching the tip. Recommended once or twice for thicker e-liquids.

3 Taps– Adjust low 2.4 Volts (cyan), 3.2 V (blue) and high 4 V (purple)

Battery Level-Hold finger on battery tip to see battery level: Low-Red, Yellow-Med, Green-High

Emerald Vape Pen (2.0 Button Style)

5 Taps- Turn On/ Off

3 Taps- Set Voltage (Green is Low – Red is High)

2 Taps- Preheat for thick oils

Hold- Hold button briefly during inhale.

Recommended Tips

1) Preheat oil cartridge for thick oil.

2) Use the lowest voltage when possible.

3) Point the pen down to maximize effect.

4) Stoke the pen as hard as needed, instead of a steady hard draw that could pull oils faster than they are burned.


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