Emerald Vape Kit



Battery Pen

  • Stainless steel
  • 510 thread compatible
  • LED touch functions, button style
  • 3 voltage settings-3 clicks to change
  • Preheat feature-2 clicks to enable
  • On/ Off child safety features-5 clicks for on and off
  • Battery level indicator- Hold
  • 300 mAh battery strength

USB Charger

  • Wireless
  • 510 thread compatible

Vape Cartridge

  • glass chamber
  • 510 thread compatible
  • metal tipped mouth piece
  • for liquid herbal extracts and e-liquids


  • Space for wireless USB charger, battery pen and one .6 ml cartridge
  • Convenient flat design that is easy to store in your pocket
  • Reduces the chance of losing the battery pen
  • Child resistant latch that snaps shut


Product Description

Emerald Vape Kit Product Description

The Emerald Vape kit is a perfect gift for someone special or maybe yourself. The kit includes a USB charger, battery pen, one .5 ml cartridge and other features.

Convenient flat case design that is easy to store in your pocket. The case also reduces the chance of losing the battery pen and has a child resistant latch that snaps shut.

The Emerald Vape battery pen is made of high quality stainless steel and also includes child resistant features. Other features include LED illumination, touch button operated, on/ off safety, 3 voltage modes and preheat mode for colder climates/ thicker oils.



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